Advantages of MVHR

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery has many advantages to provide your home with a fresh comfortable indoor air quality.

In the UK and Ireland over 5.4 million people receive treatment for Asthma and an estimated 21 million people suffer from airborne allergies and this is increasing by approximately 5% per year. With a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system the symptoms can be dramatically reduced.

The Key Benefits for MVHR are:

  • Your property will receive a constant supply of fresh filtered air with options to upgrade filtration to minimise the effect of specific allergies.
  • The continuous extraction will eliminate mould and combat condensation.
  • MVHR will recover up to 93% of the heat produced within your property, resulting in reduced energy costs.
  • Trickle Vents or Bathroom extractor fans will not be required.
  • Internal comfort temperatures can be achieved using the built in Summer Bypass.
  • Humidity levels can be automatically controlled using the integral humidity sensor.
  • Your property will have reduced noise from external sources also reducing any draughts created from opening windows.
  • The system will be fully controllable via integral, wired or wireless controls.
  • All systems specified will comply with Building Regulations Part F.